Cooking Lessons Starting at $149 for 2 hours Plus the Cost of Groceries!  
Learn About Gluten Free!
Low Fat!
Low Salt!
Going Kosher!
Vegetarian or Vegan!
You Choose!
Get Your Fourth Lesson Half Price if Paid in Advance!
Menus chosen Together
Do you want to learn to bake cookies, challah
or kokosh?(my favorite!) We choose the items together!Are you trying to set an example for your family by having hoe cooked meals?
Are you trying to follow a Doctor or Nutritionists advice?Call me!

Why Learn with Chef Helen?
Chef Helen Gotttesman has been a Personal Chef for 10 years, using her background with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition, She has 30 years of keeping kosher and adapting recipes for clients and her recently gluten-free husband. She also worked with several local Dietitians to adapt recipesfor their clients and repare them to the clients specifications

Chef Helen will speak with you (preferably in your home where the cooking will be done). We choose menus together and see what dishes we can make. If you have not paid in advance, I will collect the payment, allowing for a payment for groceries.

Please contact me if you have additional questions.
You can contact us at or by phone at 561-676-2078. 
Cooking Lessons at Your Level
 Are you a total novice living on TV dinners and ramen noodles, or are you trying to learn to adapt to kosher cooking, healthier diets or a specific diet recommended by your medical practitioner?.  
We can also try out new dishes so you can expand your horizons.
What's for dinner? Nothing but the best from ChefHelen
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2 Hour Lesson for $149 or
4 lessons for $522  
​​​​​​​Plus a Grocery Deposit.

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4 lessons @ two hours each, 4th lesson is 50% off $522.oo
Chef Helen was able to show me in a few hours several recipes that are vegan, kosher, healthy and delicious...Very hands-on.
Barbara,Boynton Beach